We Know Claims

DocuStream is a leader in high-volume transaction processing for the healthcare industry. We serve both Payors and Providers with timely and accurate processing of claims, EOBs, and remittance notices, even when the data originates on paper or in different electronic formats. Learn how we can streamline your claims processing workflow!


Are you ready for the ACA and new federal mandates?

We've been processing paper and EDI claims for health insurers for over 15 years, helping reduce costs, raise productivity, and assure compliance.

We'll reduce your paper volume by delivering the cleanest, most complete claim data possible, from both paper and EDI sources.

We can scrub your claims for patient eligibility, CCI coding validity, field consistency, and completeness.

Let us also fill the gaps in your HIPAA compliance by making legacy systems compatible with the latest X12 5010 EDI files and standards.

How can we we increase your claims processing productivity?

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Are you still printing paper claims?

You can now submit your claims and attachments electronically from your existing billing or practice management system — no retraining needed.

Just print as you normally do, but to our DocuHealthLink print server, and we'll take care of the rest.

Get the benefits of electronic claim submission without the hassles:

  • Speed up your payments
  • Save on postage & paper
  • Get next-day confirmation and reject notification
  • Keep your current billing system and processes

How can we become your Electronic Post Office for Claims™?

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