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25+ Years of Expertise in Processing Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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Expert Data Management Solutions in the Medical Industry

DocuStream is the premier provider of high-volume transaction processing solutions for the healthcare industry in the United States. With over 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves as leaders in delivering timely and precise processing services with managed care plans to both Payors and Providers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Since our inception in 1998, we have ensured the seamless processing of healthcare transactions including Claims, Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), Remittance Notices, Prior Authorization Requests, and other documents across EDI formats and paper form types. Our 25 years of expertise guarantees efficiency and accuracy in every transaction.

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Discover Our Solutions

Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your healthcare data processing needs:

1. Medical Claims and EOBs

Efficient handling of Medical Claims and Explanation of Benefits documents.

2. Medicare Remittance Notices

Timely processing of Medicare Remittance Notices to assure compliance.

3. Prior Authorization Requests

Fast turnaround of Prior Authorization Requests to expedite patient care.

4. Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Instant verification services to ensure eligibility for medical coverage.

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How We Can Assist You

At DocuStream, we understand the complexities involved in healthcare data processing. From paper-based submissions to electronic data interchange (EDI), our team is equipped to handle it all. Whether you require mailroom processing, EDI verification, or formatting services, we have you covered. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

Leading in Healthcare Data Processing Since 1998

Established in 1998, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize healthcare claims processing through advanced automation technologies. With roots tracing back to the early 1990s, we honed our expertise in large-scale scanning and form processing applications, serving corporate and government entities with precision and reliability.

Pioneering Healthcare Solutions

In the early 2000s, DocuStream shifted its focus to the healthcare industry, recognizing the growing demand for streamlined healthcare data management solutions. Specializing in extracting and processing essential healthcare forms such as HCFA-1500, UB92 (now UB04), EOBs, and MRNs, we embarked on a mission to simplify and optimize claims processing workflows.

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Delivering Speed and Accuracy in Claims

At DocuStream, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled accuracy and speed while ensuring cost-effectiveness. With a client-centric approach, we have cultivated lasting relationships with insurance companies, health plans, TPAs, and unions. Today, we process nearly two million monthly claims, catering to diverse needs in paper and electronic formats.

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Experience the Difference

Partner with DocuStream to elevate your healthcare data processing capabilities. Our commitment to excellence and decades of industry experience position us as your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence and cost savings. Explore our services today to learn more about how DocuStream can empower your organization.

Comprehensive Data Management Solutions

Claims Processing

We process nearly 2 million monthly healthcare claims in our secure San Leandro, CA facility. Our fully integrated workflow includes mailroom & scanning, forms processing & OCR, manual QA and repair, automated validation and external lookups, and custom export data formatting.

DocuStream delivers more than just accurate data. We scrub and verify each field to ensure that the data matches your system's expectations from paper or EDI sources.

This may include provider and eligibility table lookups, internal completeness and consistency checks, custom field padding, and dictionary translations.

Such "pre-adjudication" scrubbing of claim data offloads the busy work from your adjudicators, who can now focus on high-level decisions. Our clients see 30% to 40% productivity gains as a result.

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Real-Time Eligibility

Our real-time verification provides immediate responses to inquiries from providers regarding Member Eligibility or Claim Status. Providers get the information they need with one click, reducing the phone calls to your staff.

Our team thoroughly maps your benefit matrix during our real-time verification engine implementation. Responses are returned to the federally mandated X12 format for compatibility with most provider systems.

The ability to respond immediately to Provider requests not only saves time and money for your organization but also ensures HIPAA and ACA compliance under the CAQH CORE rules.

EDI Data Formatting

We have worked extensively with custom and legacy data formats, helping clients transition to the latest HIPAA-mandated EDI file formats.

For example, we can help you implement the 837 5010 claim, 277 status response, and 835 remittance advice formats. These standards are required, and CMS is imposing fines on non-compliant Payors. Updating current EDI standards will also dramatically cut costs and improve productivity.

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Prior Authorization Requests

DocuStream can process your Prior Auth Requests in a fraction of the time and cost, eliminating backlogs and freeing your staff to focus on high-level decisions.

We take in the faxed requests sent by Providers and extract the relevant data. We then scrub and verify the data for member eligibility, provider network, and other key fields.

Providers get a quick return fax, acknowledging receipt and informing them of any data fields that fail our validations. This dramatically improves Provider satisfaction and reduces phone calls, duplicates, resubmissions, and inappropriate use of the Urgent checkbox. Read our Case Study here.

Our standard turnaround is 12 to 24 hours for Urgent and one business day for Routine. We can also deliver a recommended adjudication of the PA Request based on our analysis of the data and the doctor's notes.

OCR Data Capture

DocuStream has been at the forefront of Optical Character Recognition for document data capture since the mid-1990s. We work closely with leading OCR vendors, such as top-rated Prime Recognition.

We combine Prime's multi-engine voting OCR with automated image enhancement and dynamic zoning that locates specific data fields even when the form layout has changed.

But OCR is only one step in the process. Operators and automated processes verify and correct the data before formatting it to your system's specifications. The resulting data file is as accurate and complete as possible.

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Mailroom Processing/Scanning

If you want to eliminate paper, we offer full-service mailroom processing that includes envelope opening, paper unfolding and staple removal, sorting, scanning, date/time imprinting, secure storage, and secure shredding.

We convert the incoming paper to indexed images that you can instantly access either in your document management system or using our ScanNStore imaging storage and retrieval software.



DocuHealthLink is a small program that runs on your PC alongside your existing billing software. To make electronic copies of your claims, print them to DocuHealthLink precisely as you print them to paper now—that's all there is to it!

Then, with the click of a mouse, your claims are transferred electronically to us for processing, and then forwarded to your Payors. You will get immediate confirmation that we have received your claims, and the next day you will get a report of the claim status and any rejections.

Best of all, you don't need to change anything; keep your existing PC and billing system, and keep your current processes in place. There is no need to spend money and retrain on a new system. Just stop folding paper and licking envelopes!

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ScanNStore is a full-featured electronic document storage and retrieval system in a small package. It's the perfect solution for increasing productivity by electronically organizing and managing paper files.

ScanNStore lets you and your staff quickly scan, index, store, and retrieve your claims, attachments, remittance notices, and other documents. You can search by multiple indexes and display claims and all related information on-screen as if looking at the original paper.

Where instant access to the right claim information is critical, ScanNStore is the right solution. Contact us to download and try out a fully functional multi-user version of ScanNStore for 30 days. Volume seat licensing and vendor discounts are available.

Scanners: Supports various TWAIN and production-level scanners, including HP, Fujitsu, Ricoh, Bell & Howell, and Panasonic. It supports single-page or multipage batch scanning, an automated document feeder, page size, contrast adjustment, and scan intensity.

Databases: Supports widely used industry-standard Microsoft Access databases and SQL Server using ODBC. Keywords or descriptive information can easily be exported from Access Databases created with Scan 'N Store into spreadsheets or other reports, or exported to create new databases. Images and keywords are stored in separate databases.

Indexing: Create an unlimited number of index fields. Use Hot Keys for fast indexing, image viewing and manipulation while indexing. Easily add or delete fields, even after adding images to the database.

Viewing: Display B&W or color images in major formats, including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and GIF. Fast Multi-page viewing includes fast "go to" pages and next, previous, first, and last. Special magnifiers let you zoom in on specific parts of an image.

The Benefits of Using Docuhealthlink for Electronic Claim Submission Are Enormous

  • Immediate confirmation that all claims have been transmitted successfully.
  • Next-day verification of claim information, including insured ID, date, and amount billed.
  • Next-day reject notification with a description of the problem.
  • Faster claim processing and payment.
  • Savings on postage, envelopes, paper, and labor.
  • No disruption to your office or added expense of a new billing system.

Find out how DocuHealthLink can turn all your paper claims into electronic transactions. Please visit the DocuHealthLink web site to register and get started. There is no cost to try out the service.

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Community Health Plans

Our Community Health Plan clients have seen a large influx of new members and increased claim volume under the ACA, straining the claims' adjudication process. DocuStream reduces claim and Before Auth backlogs and speeds up adjudication by scrubbing and formatting incoming data to validate correctly against the health plan's databases. This greatly reduces the work required to approve or deny claims and auth requests.

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Commercial Insurers

DocuStream provides high-volume claims processing services to a wide array of healthcare payors. Our services include high-speed scanning, intelligent form recognition, and zoning, high-accuracy OCR data capture, manual correction, rule-based validation, provider & eligibility scrubbing, EDI file formatting, and Coordination of Benefits processing.

Because we combine state-of-the-art automation with diligent manual quality control, we can process our clients' claims from paper and electronic sources with fast turnaround times and extremely high accuracy.

TPAs & Unions

We work closely with TPAs and union plans to meet their unique requirements. If processing needs to be done in the US with American labor, DocuStream will do it at a fair price. And because of the efficiency of our workflow operations, that price will probably be lower than expected. Give us a call today to find out how DocuStream can meet your US claims processing needs.

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Clinics & Physician Offices

Clinics, hospitals, and physician offices can now send their remaining paper claims electronically from their existing billing systems via our DocuHealthLink service. This eliminates the remaining paper and provides immediate notification of claim submission and rejects status, reducing phone calls and duplicate resubmissions.

Community Health Plan

One of DocuStream's longstanding clients is a Medi-Cal Community Health Plan that has seen a large influx of new members since the ACA and Medi-Cal expansion. This caused a spike in claims and Prior to Auth requests, many of which are still arriving via paper and fax.

DocuStream had always provided mailroom letter opening in addition to our regular scanning and data capture services, but this situation required a new approach.

For this customer, DocuStream is using DocuHealthLink to transform a portion of the paper claim flow into an electronic process – without changing any systems or processes on either the provider or the payor side. You can also read the Prior Auth processing case study here.

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Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits has always been a complex adjudication problem. And when such claims must be processed on paper, the workload for the claims staff increases dramatically.

DocuStream developed a semi-automated, high-volume processing service that matches each data record from the CMS-1500 or UB04 claim with the corresponding record from the Explanation of Benefits or Medicare Remittance Notice.

The result is a very accurate matched record that is scrubbed, validated, and pre-adjudicated before upload into the payor's system. Now the claims staff can focus on the high-level decisions, dramatically increasing their productivity.

Our Healthcare Cases and Growth Challenges

At DocuStream, we revolutionized utilization management processes for Pacific Community Health, addressing challenges stemming from rapid growth and regulatory demands. We transformed healthcare claims workflows through strategic collaboration, eliminating delays, and driving cost efficiencies.

Addressing Growth Challenges

From 2014 to 2016, managed care organizations across California experienced a surge in membership, largely attributed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Pacific Community Health, an amalgamation representing two of our clients, encountered remarkable growth rates exceeding 30% annually. However, this expansion posed significant challenges as operational costs soared and existing staff struggled with document management programs. Thereafter, escalating workload while adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

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Get in Touch

Are you ready to streamline your healthcare data processing and drive operational excellence? Connect with us today to learn how DocuStream can tailor solutions to meet your organization's unique needs. Whether you're facing challenges with claims processing, prior authorization requests, or workflow management, our team is here to help.

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